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Arlingtoncards.net is the Calendar and Events blog associated with The Cardinal -- Arlingtoncardinal.com. Arlingtoncards.net is a blog, but it also works like an app with Calendar and Event tools to help you net all the local events in town and other important calendar dates.

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If you are a local business, government agency, charity, school, church, etc; you can add a Family Friendly EVENT ANNOUNCEMENT by sending an email to the website. First you must send us a quick message to the Facebook Page Facebook.com/CardinalCalendar (Use the SEND MESSAGE button) to introduce your request. In return, there will be a short online discussion about the details of your EVENT ANNOUNCEMENT. If you want to proceed, you will receive an email address to use to send your information directly to the website.

Easy Steps to Post Your Event
The best way to send Arlingtoncards.net the EVENT ANNOUNCEMENT is by email. The email goes directly to the website, where it is received for approval and publishing. After you send the email, you can also send a notification by messaging Facebook.com/CardinalCalendar (Optional).

See quick start instructions for adding your EVENT ANNOUNCEMENT, go to addeventEZ.arlingtoncards.net

See more detailed instructions for adding your EVENT ANNOUNCEMENT at addevent.arlingtoncards.net.  (This page includes additional information about policies and requirements for your EVENT ANNOUNCEMENT).

Once your event is listed, it will also be shared on ...




Other pages may be available for sharing, and your target audience may be adjusted by withholding shares from some pages if you prefer. Contact us for details using the SEND MESSAGE button on Facebook.com/CardinalCalendar ...

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